Game Name : Corebot Assemble

Genre: Action, shooter

We interpreted 'joined together' as meaning 'to join' or 'to assemble'. 

This game was created with the motif of how Pikmin defeats his enemies.


The boss roams the map and drops disabled Corebots on the map.

The Corebot can be activated by the player's contact, and the activated Corebot follows the player and becomes a means to fight the boss.

Rescue the hostages held by the villainous scientist using the Corebot controlled by the genius high school girl, Joy!

It was made by GMTK2021 Game Jam for 48 hours.

How to play?

1. Move Player: WASD

2. Player Dash: Move + Space Bar

3. Corebot Activation: Player Contact

4. Aim to attack the Corebot: Hold the left mouse button

5. Un-aim the Corebot: Click the right mouse button

6. Corebot attack firing: Release left mouse button hold


Due to time constraints we haven't put any restrictions on the hold function.

If you want to enjoy the game a little more fun, try keeping the number of holds below 30!


Corebot Assemble - Windows Build 22 MB


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Awesome game and sound effects!

Woo I did it! It took an hour but I did it!


Great art, Good mechanics. More Variety would be welcome.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.


Good game. The battle was awesome. 


I can already see this becoming a full game with a few more weeks worth of work, it just needs powerups or something else to add that extra spice.


Very cool boss fight! Felt really awesome to gather 50+ bombs and throw it all at once! I would just suggest avoiding using the mouse click to skip the credits after the boss, I was frantic spamming bombs and couldn't see the ending.

Amazing game, congratulations!

fun boss fight! Was not expecting a second phase! That was really cool. looks very good, using a void around the arena instead of a wall leaves a bit of an edge to the polish which is a shame because it looks very visually complete otherwise! Nice job!


Wow, such a cool game, wold love to play a bigger game like this. With other bosses, and maybe corebots with different functionality!